Artwork > Hope Revealed

I am inspired by the deeply personal stories embedded in broader humanitarian issues. This current body of ceramic sculpture and installation examines a variety of topics that are debated in the realm of politics, and considers the social, scientific and spiritual issues at the core of our humanity.
The concept of hope, as the manifestation of the human spirit, has informed much of my ceramic work. This idea that in one’s darkest hours, there is an invisible force that pulls one through adversity, is a source of endless inspiration for me as an artist.
While this body of work presents various topics found in politics, it is not meant to serve as political commentary. It is instead inspired by my desire to understand the space in between divisive political thought.
This work is an exploration of hope as the substance of the human spirit and the manifestation of our shared humanity. It is also a celebration of a new era for our country and our world, which I hope will be informed by a belief in the interconnectedness of people in all corners of the world.

This body of work is dedicated to my beautiful boys.