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In "Refuse", Svendsen articulates her preoccupation with the inter-connectivity of humanity and nature by employing the language of trash. "Refuse" introduces the use of cast-off plastics, which she reproduces in delicate ceramic sculptures. In this, she posits plastic cast-offs as cultural artifacts - evidence of a singular, undocumented past; a visual manifestation of a material interaction and a discarded moment. In examining her work, one considers the notion of nuisance; humanity’s imposed hierarchy on the natural world; and nature’s unrelenting insistence on revealing itself to us.

Biblical Title Pending
ceramic / auto-glass
42 x 56 x 12
Biblical Title (detail)
ceramic / auto-glass
Ecological Interlocution
ceramic / auto-glass
16 x 33 x 36
9.5 x 13.5 x 15.5