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Reproduction Install
Reproduction Install


I am inspired by the deeply personal stories embedded in broader humanitarian issues. This current body of ceramic sculpture and installation examines the reproductive challenges faced by over a million couples a year. It considers the social, political, scientific and spiritual elements of the basic human desire to bring forth life.
I believe with each challenge in life, a wellspring is formed. If that wellspring is nurtured, new forms of beauty grow. The capacity for joy, love, empathy and compassion increases, and new potential for creativity emerges. When tapped, life’s challenges are potentials for endless beauty.
Over a million women on our planet face the challenge of infertility every year. Each of those women faces that sacred challenge in her own unique way.
With the enormous advances in science and medicine, the tools with which to navigate the contingent reality of infertility look much different than they did when our mothers were making babies. When Louise Brown, the world’s first test-tube baby was born, our understanding of procreation was forever altered. Since then, in-vitro fertilization, surrogates, sperm and egg donors, and fertility drugs have created an entirely new landscape of conception. Couples choose sperm and egg donors based on the profiles of their donors. Siblings are culled from embryos for their life-saving stem cells. Embryos are selected for their genetic code to decrease potentials for disease. With stem cell research, genetic testing and the genome project, the definition of creation has been inexorably altered.
I wonder what effect all of these advances in science and medicine are having on our perception of being.

This body of work is the visual manifestation of hope, love, and the celebration of what IS. It is dedicated to my beautiful boys.